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Each candidate shall prepare a synthesis assignment before the conclusion of the course discussing one’s knowledge, understandings, analysis, and assessment of his or her experiences in EDLR 8495 – Reflection and Vision for District Leaders with a focus on each of the course objectives an (i.e., depth and application of knowledge, inquiry, problem solving, and communication) as well as the needs you have identified for continued professional development. Note: This is not just is rather a reflective narrative of how well you achieved the course and EDLR concentration objectives. Hence, the use of the first person singular is acceptable.

Furthermore, while you may want to include scholarly references to support your perceptions, you are not required to do so. Use MS Word, the APA and SGAD, and the format for all ASFCE assignments (See Appendix C) for your synthesis assignment. Your assignment should be submitted by 11:59. Eastern time on Wednesday, 12/07. This assignment should be 8-10 in length, excluding the bibliography pages. Please see Appendix F for the Synthesis Assignment rubric.

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