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In this Assessment, we focus on the 3-5 age range of preschool through Kindergarten and the topic of observation, documentation and assessment. This project is grounded in the knowledge that observation is a primary mechanism for assessment in early childhood – yet it is not always carefully planned and documented as it could be. First choose an age group you’d like to focus on. This should be for a general education class or an inclusion or ICT class (not a self-contained class). Preschool should be a class of 15-18 and Kindergarten 25 children. Then choose a Literacy-based lesson appropriate for this age group – remembering that literacy in 3K and Prek may not look like direct teaching of letters but instead in promoting the underlying skills that support children’s later reading and writing. Use the NYS Early Learning Guidelines  Links to an external site.and appropriate Prek standards Links to an external site. to help ensure you are creating a developmentally appropriate lesson. Consider the templates in the module which are both lesson templates for preschool and documentation and assessment templates. Then prepare a class presentation to share an overview of the lesson and detail how you would plan for observation and documentation throughout the lesson. Under the Assignment itself, submit an assessment and/or documentation tool that you would use (some are in the module that you may use or you can find another or create your own) to observe student learning and then provide a written rationale for this choice in addition to addressing it in your video. Finally, fill out the Assessment Self-Assessment Tool (also in the module) to analyze your approach to assessment and how you did/would provide feedback throughout the lesson.

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