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Topic:  Conduct Internet research on English Learners (EL) and Students with emotional disorders (ED)
Use government,
academic, or nonprofit websites, along with the course text to support your responses (do NOT
use Wikipedia, blogs, or other opinion or non-academic resources). Include specific details and
concrete examples. Cite sources at the end of each paragraph. Title your post to reflect the two
groups (e.g., English Learners and __).

1. Briefly describe and compare both groups of students – ELs and the other group you select –
(e.g., common traits and big differences of each group, prevalence, etc.). Who are they?
2. Describe the role of the teacher in identifying and teaching these groups in the classroom. What
will you do to identify these students in your classrooms? Describe one state or federal legal
requirement for the placement or instruction of each of these groups of students. Additionally,
what are your ethical obligations with each group?
3. Describe how you will communicate with the families of these students. What will you do to
assure these families know you are there for their students? Why does it matter?
4. For each group (ELs and whichever other group you select), find a technological resource that
you think will enhance student learning (you will have two resources, total). Provide the resource
titles and briefly state why you would use each resource for each group. Include a link for each
resource next to your description. This part can be a list, but remember to briefly describe why
you are choosing each particular technological resource. Why is this the best technological
resource for ELs? Why is the other one the best technological resource for your other group?

please write in 4 paragraphs 

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