Engineering homework help


Concept/idea Paper.

Submit an 3 page concept/idea paper IAW APA format on an approved topic (see pre-approved topics in the syllabus). Paper organization will include (use as headings):

  • Introduction.
  • Problem Statement.
  • Relevance and Significance.
  • References (at least five).

2. Pre-approved research topics:

� Authentication/Digital signatures
� Data collections tools (hardware & software)
� E-business/e-commerce security
� End user security issues.
� Government vs. commercial organization security issues.
� Identity Theft
� ID&IH Management and Legal Issues
� Instant Messaging security.
� Intrusion detection.
� Sarbannes Oxley
� Security Threats & Vulnerabilities
� Wireless technology security

The concept/idea paper “sets the stage” for your research paper – which will be on the same topic, assuming your paper receives a passing grade.

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