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I would write a report about a design

It’s a  design report that was asked of me at the undergraduate level

Produce an Individual Design Report detailing a product design specification (PDS), concept generation, concept selection and embodiment design, based on the given design brief and provided design constraints.…

Mechanical Design Brief

(All Mechanical Engineering programs)

Design a fixed-reference mechanical system capable of picking up a standard 330ml drink can and dispensing the contents into a predefined container.

  • Performance
    • The system must have a fixed point of reference
    • The system must be self-supporting
    • Mechanical – Capable of picking up and pouring a standard 330ml drink can
    • Medical – Capable of holding and dispensing 14 “pills” (Standard Trebor Extra Strong Mints)
  • Physical Constraints
    • Maximum footprint of the system = 400mm x 400mm
    • Maximum wight = 10kg
  • Budget constraints
    • Total cost of mechanical components, manufactured or purchased, must not exceed £200
    • Electronic components are excluded from budget limitations but are subject to procurement limitation

Produce a report detailing the product design specification, concept generation, concept selection and embodiment design, based on the given design brief and customer consultation.

  • Indicative report structure should be at a minimum as follows:
    • Product Design Specification:
      • Performance requirements
      • Operation requirements
      • Manufacturing and assembly requirements
      • Disposal
      • Etc…
    • Concept Designs of potential solutions (minimum of 4 designs)
      • Clear sketches
      • Well-annotated
      • Brief description of operation
      • Practicality
    • Concept Selection
      • Criteria selection and ranking
      • Concept scoring
    • Embodiment Design
      • Scheme drawing
  • There is no word limit for this design report; however, you should aim to write as comprehensibly and concisely as possible, using figures/tables & data to present clear and objective design justifications.
  • You must submit your Individual Design Report as a .pdf file via Canvas.

Formatting your submission:

  • You do not need to include a cover sheet.
  • Submission format is a design portfolio and should be treated as a formal report:
    • As such, subtitles/section headings are expected, as is a contents page, figure/table captions, abstract and list of tables/figures etc.
      References are not required,
  • attachment

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