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For this assignment, you are required to keep a food diary for at least four (4) days. To keep a diary, you should:

  • Sign up for and use Cronometer at Cronometer.com
    • Cronometer is free and easy to use.
    • Once accessed, you can use it to calculate the calories and nutrients you are consuming based on the foods you have eaten.
    • Consult FAQ and other help files as needed as you use it.

In your food diary, record the following information for each meal during the four days:

  • Why you were eating
  • Whether you were:
    • Dining at home or away
    • Dining alone or with others
  • What time of day you were eating
  • What you ate and had to drink
  • Any emotions you were experiencing as you ate (you can add a note using Cronometer.com to track your emotions)

At the end of the four (4) days, create a document including screenshots of the following tables and charts, then submit all in a word document.

  • Tables
    • Dates of Diary
    • Calories Summary
    • MacronutrientTargets
    • General
    • Carbohydrates
    • Lipids
    • Proteins
    • Vitamins
    • Minerals
  • Charts
    • Calories Consumed
    • Single Metric
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