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Choose one of the following topics.

• Narrate an experience you had with a writing or reading task that you found (or still find) difficult or challenging. Explain the significance of this experience.

• Describe a critical moment or event in your literacy development. Explain the importance of this event.

• Narrate a time when your literacy skills have helped you achieve a personal goal or accomplishment. Explain the significance of this accomplishment.

• Describe a time when you have used reading or writing to learn in an environment other than the classroom. Explain the importance of this event.

A narrative (suggested 750–1,000 length). Do the following:

1. Respond to one of the given topics.

2. A practical introduction.

3. Appropriate thesis statement.

4. Use narration and description to provide detailed information about the topic.

5. Explain the significance of the narrative details.

6. Provide an effective conclusion.

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