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What is the role of the imagination and storytelling for decolonization or abolitionism? If identities of color are not automatically radical, where is the potential for radical resistance rooted within Black Indigenous People of Color or BIPOC imaginations?
What strategies of storytelling and collectivism do artists and abolitionists employ? What do
these images, words make us think, feel, sense about the potential within individual identities for
radical change? Use the list words and resources to answer.
-mourning, monsters, brown, abolitionist, refugee, beauty, debt, decolonial, Chicana feminist,
betrayal, Latinidad, brown trans figurations

100 words.  What are your main takeaways about decolonization and abolition
based on the readings from this module? What changes can you make to align with
abolitionist and decolonial practices?  (Resources)

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