History homework

Pape’r Topi’cs: The text by Richard Ingersoll includes numerous buildings and

traditions that we will not have time to discuss in class lectures. Pick a top’ic of

interest—building, culture, architect- and writ’e a pape’r on the subje’ct.

Another potential source of ideas is a UNESCO World Heritage site. Topi’cs must

fall between the Neolithic period to 1200 CE (AD).

The writt’en section should be 4-8 pag’es maximum, double spaced, in 12 pt type

using any font, with a separate pag’e of end notes (as applicable) and at least 5

diverse referenc’es with images and any other graphics. This assignment will test

the student’s resear’ch abilities.

Spelling and grammar are important and will

count as part of the grade.

A Few Hints:

Keep your topi’c focused.

Although you will need to locate the

building/site/architect within the cultural context or period, avoid broad

topi’cs like “the Gothic Cathedrals of France.”

Begin your pape’r with a the’sis statement: (in pr or news writ’ing this

would be the who/why/where/what). Thus in the first paragra’ph lav out

your topi’c, what are you planning to discuss? But avoid putting

yourself into the pape’r: this is an objective research pape’r.

On grading the term pape’rs: 

so I first looked to see whether you fulfilled the basic requirements of an

approved topi’c, had 5-8 pag’es of text, and with at least 5 referen’ces (ideally not

just online sour’ces).

Then content:

Was the thesis clearly stated?

Was the time period (s) of the building or site noted correctly—what

were the dates of the construction/the Dynasties etc. This is a history

class so putting events clearly in time, even when it is circa, is critical.

And yes writi’ng: grammar and spelling were usually corrected and some

points were taken off for multiple errors.

Clarity: one should always writ’e as if the reader does NOT know the

topi’c. Thus one should always put the building or site in a clear context

at the beginning of the pape’r: where is it, when was it built, why is it


One common mistake many made was relying too much on using quotes from

referen’ces instead of paraphrasing and synthesizing the data into the text of the

pape’r. One should only use a direct quote when it is critical, states an important

opinion, or is just really a cool statement about the site or building.

The positives:

There was some very good work, on a variety of interesting topi’cs. Some

places were new to me which meant I did some additional research and

thus also learned along with you!

Although a history term pape’r is usually not subjective, a few of you made

charming.personal connections to the site or topi’c that was

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