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After reading ch. 16 in Making of the West (included in file below) and watching the video The Fronde and Louis XIV   The Fronde and Louis XIV – Video – Films On Demand (oclc.org) , read excerpts from the memoir of the duc de Saint-Simon on Louis XIV and his court at:


Then answer these questions in your initial post.

(1) How did the Fronde traumatize the young Louis and shape his approach to ruling as King?

(2) Louis XIV supposedly said, “I am the state.” What did he mean by this?

(3) The duc de Saint-Simon describes Louis XIV as “below mediocrity” in natural talent, but Louis managed to maintain his grip on power for decades. What do Saint-Simon’s revelations about Louis and the court tell you about how the King amassed such great power?

(4) The reign of Louis XIV is often cited as a classic example of absolutism. Is this an accurate assessment?

Explain. Elaborate. Give examples from the assigned sources. Please also remember the Discussion Rules. 270 words

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