History homework help

1. Consider how the Axial Age was a period of great thought, philosophy and change across the societies we’ve looked at. Many people think that we are living in times of great change now. Do you think our current age (last 150 years or so) is experiencing another type of Axial age? Make an argument discussing the ways and depths of change in current society (this is open to whatever you want to and can discuss) and compare that to the kind of change during the Axial Age for the societies we studied.

2. Reflect on the epics that we have looked at in this class and how those narratives reflect a culture’s values, beliefs, and understanding of the world. Choose a passage from one of the epics we’ve learned about and discuss what beliefs and worldviews this might be demonstrating. Is the idea you’ve identified something current (and to narrow this question, let’s say American) societies adhere to still or is this something that may have been more reflective of that society and time?

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