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How did Confucianism integrate itself into Chinese society? In what ways did it come into conflict with the leadership? How did it influence other philosophies that developed in this period? Why do you think Confucianism became the dominant influence on Chinese society over these other philosophies?


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Confucianism was developed based on the teachings from a man name Confucius. It was integrated into Chinese society based on the ideas of a persons good nature and morale value. During that time, some people valued the respect and social order it brought. As stated in China and East Asia to the Mind Dynasty, Chapter 4, as an ideology, it simply provided a blueprint for how the political and social order should function. For a period of time, Confucianism was not automatically taken in by some, known as Daoist, they believed it to be a false ideology. Daoist believed the mind needed to be emptied and cleared of desires. Confucianism became the dominant influence on Chinese society because it allowed people to believe in good order and discipline, respect to one another, and proper civil etiquette.


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