Human Resource Management homework help

Six supportive communication strategies. Drawing from your own experiences, detail one example of an application of each strategy. Include the benefit of using that strategy in each of your six examples. 75 words

Summarize the importance of interpreting and using nonverbal messages as a leader. Include two examples from your own experience of how nonverbal messages can help people connect with others. 75 word

Organizational power can be a double-edged sword, depending on how it is used to influence others. Leaders can influence people’s behavior using one or more of the five types of organizational power. For each of the five types of power, provide a realistic example of how a leader could potentially use that power to help the organizational culture, and an example of how the leader could use that power to abuse others or degrade organizational culture.75 word

Why is listening considered to be a critical leadership communication skill? How is it different from hearing? Name one listening problem that keeps you from listening well and identify a possible solution.75 words

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