Human Resource Management homework help

I am compiling a database of useful HR resources (TED talks, podcasts, research repositories, etc.) I would like you to:

1) Please locate a specific resource that you think is the very best resource for an adult student who is learning about the finer points of HR. I mean a specific video or podcast. It needs to be free to enable everyone to access it for learning purposes. It should not be an advertisement. Further, it may not be a resource that is already a part of this class (e.g. Strack TED Talk).

2) Please summarize the resource.

3) Please critically analyze the resource. Specifically, list and explain the positives of this resources and the negatives, as well.

4) Cite the resource in APA format.

Choose any specific video you would like to use, the choice is yours, but it has to be relevant to the topic.

Must be 3 paragraphs.

Thank you.

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