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Reading Assignment

Tanner C, Gans D, White J, Nath R, Pohl J. Electronic health records and patient safety: Co-occurrence of early EHR implementation with patient safety practices in primary care settings.

· Article citation: Begin your group submission with the correctly formatted citation for the article

· Description of the article:  Introduce the reader to the paper. Provide a brief description of the topic of the paper. Why did the researchers decide to do this study? What was the problem they were trying to solve or the research question that needed to be answered?

· Synopsis of the research methods: This should describe the methods used. You will want to include (if present – not all papers will have all of the following):

o Information about study subjects including the sample size determination. How did the authors decide what sample size would be appropriate?

o Were study procedures described clearly and in sufficient detail? Describe the statistical tests used. How did the authors analyze data?

· Results:

o What did the authors find? Were the results clearly presented?

o Were any of the results unexpected or unusual?

o Were tables and figures used? If there were tables and figures, were they easy to understand and explained in the article text?

o Did the authors describe the results in a way that was easily understood?

· Discussion:

o Was each result discussed?

o Did the authors make generalizations about their results? If the authors did make generalizations, were they consistent with the results?

· Critique:

o What were the strengths and weaknesses?

o Were the conclusions appropriate and related to the research question?

o Does your group have any general concerns?

· Implications: What do you think are the long-term implications of the study?

Style Guide

Each bolded topic above should be a paragraph with a topic sentence, a body, and a wrap-up. See the Writing a Paragraph for additional details. Be sure to include the names of all group members at the top of the first page.

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