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This is a two-part assignment where you will use the following case study from HIMSS: the-evolution-of-a-transitions-of-care-program-jefferson.pdf

For this assignment, review this document and submit the following components:

1. Problem Definition – Identify one problem introduced in this case study. There are multiple problems that are identified, choose the one that you think is the most important here.

2. History, context, and data – Identify two to six factors that are information that describes the problem that is included in the case study. For example, what type of data was collected? Was there an event that created the problem?

3. Assessment – How is the data used to analyze the problem? What are the root causes?

4. Solution – You have the choice of identifying the solution from the case study or you can propose your own.

IMPORTANT NOTE: The assignment should be written and submitted in outline form. Under each numbered heading above, answer with concise bullet points. You should paraphrase what the author has written—NO COPY AND PASTE from the case study.

Purpose: The two assignments work together to demonstrate how the analysis approach in critical thinking is applied to a healthcare problem and how the SBAR is the writing format used to document the critical thinking process.

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