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  • Put your name on your assignment.
  • Double space.
  • Page numbers.
  • Citing format as demonstrated in the first class and posted on Canvas.
  • Word number guidelines are for average work.The assignment is based on your reading, required external research, and analysis of “How (Un)ethical are You” by Mahzarin R. Banaji, Max H. Bazerman and Dolly Chugh.”

In the article, “How (Un)ethical are YoActions”,  the authors discuss bias that emerges from unconscious beliefs.

Based on the reading, your external research, and your analysis, and based on the following scenario, you are to answer the question below:

  • Scenario:
    • YOU are the manager of a small, technical project team.
    • YOU have been given the responsibility of hiring a new member of the team with a specific, technical skill set.
    • How would you make an ethical, unbiased, hiring decision?
  • The Assignment:
    1. 80 Points: Based on the course reading (Banaji, et. al.) and materials, your own external scholarly research (minimum of 2 required), and your thoughts and analysis, write a paragraph (200 words is average work), and worth 20 points each, identify and describe 4 strategies that you would use to insure you make an ethical, unbiased, hiring decision. Only 2 of your answers may be sourced from the Banaji, et. al. reading. For each, write about what you would specifically do and why. Be specific about what actions you would take. Format your answers as follows:
      1. Hiring Strategy 1:
      2. Hiring Strategy 2:
      3. Hiring Strategy 3:
      4. Hiring Strategy 4:
    2. 20 Points: Write a paragraph (200 words is average work), about your own personal experience with being hired. Was it ethical, or not?  Explain your answer in detail using concrete examples. Base your analysis of your own experience in the readings and your research. If you haven’t yet gone through a hiring process for any type of job, write about what kind of process you would hope to experience and why.
  • Guidance:
    • Do not write in generalities or theories on ethics, bias, team management, etc.
    • Write specifically about what YOU would do to insure YOU act ethically and without bias to make the hiring decision.
  • For best results do the following;
    • Read “How (Un)Ethical are You”
    • Research ethics, unconscious bias/beliefs, management and review any applicable lecture and your notes.
    • You should have a minimum of two outside sources (articles). You must provide attribution to your sources (e.g., Harvard Business Review, the NY Times, in-class discussion, any of the class readings, Rutgers LinkedIn Learning 
  • attachment

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