Information Systems homework help

Optimize visitor processing, create visitor profiles and access real-time visitor lists .

Enhance security at the front desk

Identify, track and manage visitors. Set up visitor approval, create recurring visitor lists, and create visitor badges and badges.

Rapid emergency response

Evacuation reports at the touch of a button let you know about all non-employees in your facility in the event of an evacuation.

Improve visitor experience

Pre-registration of visitors allows you to quickly process visitors, eliminating long queues in the lobby.

Replace your paper journal with leading visitor management software.

Pre-registration of visitors

Fill out and edit registration forms in advance to expedite registration. Easily manage all pre-registered visitors on one page.

Visitors on site

Convenient visitor/exit logging to always have a clear view of visitors on site.

Registration of visitors and check-out

Assign the keys and assets registered in the system to the visitor directly during registration and retrieve them when leaving.

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