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Discussion. Forensic Anthropology and Odontology. AT LEAST 160 WORDS AND ONE REFERENCE.

Bite marks left behind as impressions on a person’s body by an attacker have been used in forensic investigations. Odontologists compare the positions and number of teeth, as well as dental work in order to make their comparisons.  One of the most famous cases where this type of evidence was used in the case of serial killer Theodore (Ted) Bundy.  Bite marks were found on one of his victims which was compared to Bundy’s bite mark impression and presented in court. While this may seem like solid evidence of identification, it has become controversial for use in criminal cases.

In your post, explain why this type of analysis is controversial? Provide an example (not Bundy) of a specific criminal case or discussion in the media of this controversy, be sure to include sources.  Include your opinion about using this technique in criminal cases.

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