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The strategy development process explains why your organization’s goals are important and identifies ways for improvement.

You work in a criminal justice or security organization, and you have been tasked with identifying the 5-step strategy development process. You will be developing an organizational summary and completing an Infographic Template. Discuss the approach you are using to identify the strategic issues.

Create a summary (90–125 words) of your selected criminal justice or security organization. The summary appears on the second page of the Infographic Template. Be sure to include:

  • -A brief description of the organization
  • -The approach you are using to identify strategic issues

Complete the template (minimum 310 words) and include the following:

  • -Identify and discuss the 5-step strategy development process.
  • -Discuss the application of the 5-step strategy development. process into your selected organization.
  • -Discuss implications associated with strategic issues that are not properly addressed in your selected organization.

Cite at least 2 outside references to support your assignment.

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