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Survey research is still one of the most common ways to collect data in the public safety system. In this discussion, you will explore the World Values Survey (WVS). Specifically, you will discuss the range of questions asked on the WVS, explore how and why questions are worded in specific ways, and find questions that have value in public safety.

The specific steps are as follows:

  1. Review the 2010–2012 WVS.
  2. Read this overview of best practices in survey design.
  3. Find at least 5 questions from the survey that you believe display best practices, and share those with the class.
    • Explain why these questions reflect best practices.
  4. Find at least 3 questions from the survey that you believe have value in public safety.
    • Explain why you believe these questions have value.
  5. Engage in a discussion with your classmates concerning your agreement with their selected questions.


LSU GROK. (2020, October 28). Survey design and administration best practices

World Values Survey (WVS). (2012, June). WVS 2010-2012 wave, revised master, June 2012: 2010-2012 World values survey

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