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I  choose the COMPTIA approach mainly for its structured steps that really  helps break down problems and find solutions faster and also records  the issue as a record in case further issues arise and if they are the  same or similar it will help with finding the problems occurring. The  steps are very straightforward, and they are:

Step 1: Collecting information—Identifying symptoms and issues

Step 2: Develop a Probable Cause Theory

Step 3: Test the Theory to Find Out What’s Causing It

Step 4: Create an Action Plan

Step 5: Put The Solution Into Action

Step 6: Check For Full System Functionality and Put Preventive Measures In Place

Step 7: Create a Record of The Problem

The reason I choose the CompTIA  troubleshooting approach is because it’s a very good system when it  comes to troubleshooting network issues. For this discussion board I  will explain my problem and how I implemented this step-by-step approach  to find the solution. The problem I am experiencing is that my home  network speeds are very slow in areas other than the room with the  actual router in it and I found this by using step one of the CompTIA  method because I went room to room and tested my network speed on my  laptop and discovered this. After finding this trend throughout my home I  moved to step two which is developing a probable cause theory for this  issue and my theory was that my house is built with stucco which is very  thick concrete material that hinders Wi-Fi signal in other areas of the  house besides the living room with the router. For my action plan I  decided to test this by running an ethernet cable to a repeater near a  room with low network speed and see if the speeds would be higher than  before. After doing this test I found that the speeds were maintained  throughout the house where the repeater was near. The results of the  test helped me develop my action plan of running ethernet cable to  multiple repeaters throughout the house to expand the network signal  range. After putting this plan into my house, it was evident that my  theory was correct regarding the slow network speeds and after  implementing the repeaters all of my devices had way better network  speeds throughout the whole house. When I got to step six everything  functioned as planned and no more symptoms were found throughout the  whole house. The next thing I did was made a word document stating my  network setup and what devices were using the repeaters and what speeds  each device maintained when the repeaters were first installed in case I  run into another issue down the road. The biggest reason I choose this  method is because finding problems and troubleshooting is most effective  and efficient if there is a process/system of doing it that way no time  is waisted, and you don’t get discouraged and you stay on track  throughout the troubleshooting process.

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