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Regardless of political affiliation (which is beyond the scope of this course), most will agree that the endless tug of political influence on any primary healthcare structure is a negative force. You, as an executive nurse leader, are tasked with fulfilling the mandates of the Act, yet the dismantling that has already occurred, and the uncertainty about what will occur has challenged you as you struggle to anticipate what will, and will not, exist in the future.To assist those in leadership positions, the National Academy for State Health Policy (NASHP): has created a chart:NASHP Chart – An Overview of ACA Provisions and Their Repeal Implications for StatesNote: This chart summarizes potential impact of ACA repeal on states. Issues identified here may be addressed by Congress, but the replacement bill(s) have not yet been made public for analysis.Create your own chart with a plan on how your healthcare organization will address loss of the mandate.Include the following aspects in the Assignment:

  •  Use a simple chart similar to the NASHP format.
  •  Choose three areas you feel with be most important to address in your organization if the mandate is lost – if you are not currently employed by a medical facility, recall your last position.
    •  Place the mandate in the left-hand column and your plan to address the need in the right.
    •  The three areas must come from different “topic areas.”
    •  Each bolded “Implication/question” counts as one (ex. How will states respond to an increase in the overall uninsured rates?”
  •  Specific cost/budget is not required but consider the implications of increasing numbers of uninsured on your organizational budget as an example of how cost/budget might need to be addressed.
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