Reading homework help

  • Watch the “Sourcing Strategy at Starwood” video

    Starwood: Supply Chain Strategy from  Online Course Development on Vimeo.

  • Review the “Sourcing Strategy at Starwood” video case on page 574.
  • Respond with answers to the questions using your critical thinking and moral reasoning skills.  If you are asked to draw an illustrative figure such as a chart, graph, or diagram, please do so and upload your document/s with your responses.  Refer to your uploaded document/s in your responses, e.g., Question 2: See attached MS PowerPoint presentation for my detailed flowchart of the Ice Cream making process.


1.  Should Starwood maintain a cooperative orientation or a competitive

orientation with its suppliers for the kind of items described here?

2.  What types of information should Starwood exchange with its bed linens

and terrycloth supplier? What does Starwood risk by sharing too much


3.  How would you approach the sourcing of bed linens and terrycloth

items? That is, would you use a reverse auction or request for pro-posal? Under what circumstances would you change suppliers?

4.  In addition to performing value analysis on the services its properties

offer, Starwood evaluates the performance of its suppliers against

contract metrics. Using the bed linens and terrycloth supplier as an

example, describe some of the metrics Starwood should use.

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