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The review of sources and literature is an examination of the state of the field of the Final Project. As the UCF Writing Lab’s definition indicates, “…a literature review surveys scholarly articles, books and other sources … relevant to a particular issue, area of research, or theory, providing a description, summary, and critical evaluation of each work.” 1

If you are opting for a research papr, for this module’s assignment, you need a minimum of 10 sources, including at least two primary (first-person accounts like interviews) sources and six that are peer-reviewed. Ensure that a significant number of your research sources are published within the last 10 years. In your final submission, you must demonstrate skillful use of high quality, credible, relevant sources to develop ideas that are appropriate for the discipline and genre of the writing.

Use your sources or literature to outline significant discoveries, findings, key concepts and/or theories about your topic or research questions, identify gaps or inconsistencies in research, and future directions. In brief, use the literature to describe the landscape of what’s has been done/researched around your topic.

For this assignment, this does not have to be your complete final draft for your literature review, but should be at least 60-75% of your final literature review and include at least 10 sources as outlined above. Please plan ahead to allow yourself time to meet with the writing center ( to an external site.) or the UCF library for assistance. Students who show evidence of working with a librarian from UCF for this project can earn up to 5 points of extra credit on this assignment [note this with capitalized UCF LIBRARIAN EXTRA CREDIT: (screenshot or other evidence) within your document].

If you are not at a point where you feel you are ready to submit in your final version format, you may submit an annotated bibliography for this assignment. Link to learn more about annotated bibliography format, keeping in mind that summaries of each resource should be in your own words: to an external site.

If you are doing an alternate project approach, you need to ensure that your project is well-grounded in an integrative multi-disciplinary researched approach as appropriate for your project. You are expected to submit a literature review or annotated bibliography as a foundational document for your project. Depending on the project, your number of sources may vary, but there is an expectation that it is well-grounded in quality scholarly resources from multiple disciplines and includes primary (first-person) sources such as interviews, autobiographical accounts, or TED talks where the speaker shares their own story.  If you need guidance on the expectations as it relates to your particular assignment, please reach out to your instructor via email.

Students are encouraged to submit their literature review in the format of their final project (use the templateDownload template & submit “Sources & Evidence” & “Work Cited” sections). Be sure to identify which are your primary (first-person) sources & which are your peer-reviewed sources. So, if you are submitting a research papr, you’ll submit a word document here. If you are creating a video presentation, you’ll submit the first few sections of that video (the ones that cover your research) and the accompanying script or annotated bibliography for that section. If you are submitting in another form, you are encouraged to start your project and submit your literature review section of that assignment.

In summary, for this Review of Sources & Literature assignment, you can submit either an annotated bibliography or the “Sources & Evidence” and “Work Cited” section drafts (sections from the final papr template). It does not have to be your final version of the Sources and Evidence section, more like a first draft to which you will add in the coming weeks. Primary sources should be listed in your work cited, but it is perfectly plausible that you have not yet completed all of your interviews or reviewed those resources for inclusion in the “Sources & Evidence” section at this time. Who you plan to interview or the primary sources you plan to use should be included in the work cited section.

1 “Literature Review”

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