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GUIDELINES FOR ALL PREPARATION OUTLINES_ General Directions: If for any outline you wish to receive feedback on your rough draft prior to submitting the final draft, then attach the rough draft to a Canvas message and send to the instructor a minimum of two business days prior to the deadline for the final draft. Outlines must be submitted through Canvas and should be full sentence outlines. Your outline should be saved in either MS Word or PDF format and uploaded to Canvas. See Chapter 11 for examples. You will receive feedback via Canvas for preparation outlines; this feedback explains any grade deductions as well as suggested changes for future outline assignments and/or for the presentation (you will not resubmit any preparation outlines).

Part 1-Introduction: Gain attention and interest, establish the reason to listen, reveal the central idea, and clearly preview the main points (see chapter 10 if you have any questions). You may fully write out in narrative form the introduction/conclusion segments of this assignment outline or outline these as well (the body must be in the outline format discussed for part 3).

Part 2-Body: For the body of the speech, list the main points and any subpoint areas. Indicate main points with consecutive Roman numerals (I, II, III, IV, etc.). For subpoints, use capital letters, numbers and then lowercase letters (if necessary) to indicate these content areas. Sources must be included with parenthetical citations in the body segment (if sources are utilized in the introduction/conclusion, they should be parenthetically cited as well).

Part 3-Conclusion: Be sure to signal the ending of the speech, reinforce the central idea and vividly close the speech (see chapter 10 if you have any questions)

Part 4-Works Cited: List the sources that you plan to cite during your speech (MLA format) See for assistance; you may also wish to take advantage of cites like BibMe , Citation Machine , or EasyBib to assist in citation formatting).

INFORMATIVE SPEECH If you are recording your speech, please note that there are additional audience requirements for this speech that are detailed on page 6 of this document. From the listing provided below, you will choose a “how to” topic and develop a 4- minute informative speech (3 to 5 minutes is acceptable). You will submit a preparation outline via Canvas prior to delivering this speech. This is not a manuscript speech; it is intended to be extemporaneous in nature. You must integrate at least 2 cited/qualified sources into the presentation and include an introduction and conclusion. After the speeches are turned in, you will be assigned two classmates’ speeches to evaluate.

Topics to Choose From: • How to tell if a piece of news is “fake news” • How to choose a career • How to avoid anxiety during examinations • How to avoid anxiety during speeches • How to win a job • How to set up a LinkedIn account • How to achieve a balance between work, school, and personal time • How to study effectively • How to choose a university to attend

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