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Watch the first 9:04 minutes of the the following video and respond to the following questions. Feel free to add anything you think is relevant. Do you think the Milgram experiment was unethical? Why or why not? Is it possible to measure what Milgram measured any other way? How? Do the ends justify the means? If you were in an ethics course, how would you make an argument for his study? The video is a reenactment of the original. There are many versions of the original online if you want to watch them, many of them contain disturbing images, so I used this one instead. Remember: only the first 9:04 minutes pertain to the Milgram obedience study. ***The video does not count as a reference.***

Milgram Experiment – The HeistLinks to an external site.Milgram Experiment - The Heist

should be a minimum of 200 words and contain a scholarly reference that is NOT your textbook or videos I provided.

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