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Your Special Project for Lesson Two is to complete a Rational Life Plan. This has 2 parts.

Page 15 speaks to many of the ideas to be reviewed within your Rational Life Plan.  Organize the project as you see fit in terms of full paragraphs or bullet points containing complete sentences.  Be sure to cover all aspects of the outline below.  You may also add additional categories if it makes the Life Plan more useful for you.  This Plan should be well organized and include ways to meet both short-term and long-term goals. A very important part of a working plan is everyday details that support short-term goals. Use the outline below.


1.  Values: List at least 3 fundamental values, describing why they are meaningful to you.

2.  Characteristics:  List at least five of your key strong characteristics.  Think in terms of your interests, health, emotional well-being, and skills.

3.  Barriers:  List at least five of your personal barriers.  Think about your resources, emotional and physical health, relationships, and skills.

4.  Stressors/Relaxers: Create a T chart by creating two columns.  In one column list the elements of your life you find causes you stress and in the other column list aspects of your life that are relaxers, that is those things that bring you the greatest happiness.  Each column should contain a minimum of 3 items.

5.  Overall Goals:  List one long-term goal (at least 6 months in the future) and three short-term goals (generally tasks you perform at least weekly to help move you toward achieving a long-term goal) for each of the following areas of your life.  Health, Education, Relationships, Financial, and Personal Happiness.  This means you will have 5 long-term goals and 15 short-term goals.

For example, a long-term goal may be to graduate with your degree by spring 2019.  A short-term goal under this may be to study at least 15 hours each week.  Be sure that all goals are measurable and have a clear timeline for completion.  For example, rather than “get good grades” as a long-term goal, you would want to say “achieve a 3.5 GPA for the spring 2018 term.”

6.  Philosophical Reflection on Plan: After your plan is put together, write a one-page reflective work on the overall happiness built into your plan.  How can you maintain more happiness in your life?  What roles do education, healthy relationships, and financial stability play in your life’s happiness?  Why are your values and goals meaningful to you?  What barriers do you anticipate facing in your efforts to achieve your goals and happy life?

Read the instructions  above and answer the questions in MLA format

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