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Your Special Project for Lesson 4 is to complete a “Creative Controversy”.  A creative controversy has 4 steps outlined below.  For this project, use the issue of free speech.  Choose an issue related to free speech, such as pornography, protest zones on campuses, hate speech, or another relevant issue.  This issue is related to the “Critical Thinking Issue” at the end of the chapter.  Find a short article arguing for little or no limitations on the issue you chose related to free speech and find an article arguing for limitations to your selected issue of free speech.  The Library’s database, “Opposing Viewpoints,” is a great resource. Your written project will include the following:

1.  An outline for the argument.  

2.   An outline of the argument against. 

3.  An outline of your personal argument.  Draw upon the strongest arguments made in each article to form your personal argument.

4.  A written consensus statement.  This will imagine what could be agreed upon if two persons from opposite sides sat down and had to come up with 5 things to agree upon.  You could even play this out with a friend since conversation helps in coming to a consensus.  What could those 5 things be? A consensus usually digs down into the principles underlying a particular issue.

All can be summarized in bullet points, using complete sentences, or in paragraph form.  Be sure to cite your sources as you draw upon them to complete the assignment. Must draw on at least 2 scholarly sources.

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