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Review the life model.

Review this article in the Learning Resources: Piedra, L. M., & Engstrom, D. W. (2009). Segmented assimilation theory and the life model: An integrated approach to understanding immigrants and their children. Social Work, 54(3), 270–277.


Post a response to the following:

Using an example from your fieldwork or other professional experience and a diverse population you encountered at the agency (for example, in Piedra and Engstrom’s article, it was immigrant families), respond to the following: PS (I do not have fieldwork so it ok to make up a professional experience)

  • Identify and describe the diverse population and the unique characteristics and/or the distinctive needs of the population in 3–4 brief sentences.
  • Explain how you would use the life model to help the client understand and describe their challenges.
  • Explain how the problem-solving model can help the client address their challenges.
  • How is the client using defense mechanisms, and how is that impeding the ability to problem solve and move forward in the life model?
  • Identify where the gaps are in applying the life model for this population.
  • When looking at the gaps, explain which theory might be helpful in filling the gaps of the life model when working with this population.
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